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Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Beverages are an important part of the Polish food industry. The alcoholic beverages market in Poland is worth approx. PLN 50 billion. Thanks to annual production of approx. 40 million hectolitres, Poland is the second largest beer producer in the European Union and 14th in the world. Export of spirits is also increasing significantly. The situation is similar in the case of export of non-alcoholic beverages, which is also gradually increasing. Poland is also a significant coffee market. In 2019, more than 64 thousand tons of coffee were exported from the country. The same is with tea, our country is among the top five tea exporters in the world. Poland’s main partners in this industry, in terms of value of exported goods, are Germany, the Netherlands and France. In 2021, exports of the industry accounted for 1% of Polish goods exports.

The production and export of soft drinks have been on an upward trend over the past few years. However, factors such as pandemic, lower air temperatures and the sugar levy introduced in 2021 have reduced the demand for soft drinks and increased their prices in the market. Similar processes apply to alcoholic beverages, whose price, due to increased excise duty, is also increasing.

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Industry definition

The industry includes the following CN codes: 0901 to 0903, 1302, 2009, 2101, 2202 to 2208.

These include, but are not limited to, coffee, tea, maté, vegetable juices and extracts, fruit and vegetable juices, extracts, essences and concentrates of coffee, tea or maté, waters, beer, wine, cider, mead, undenatured ethyl alcohol and others.

Value of industry exports from Poland [EUR]

2 221,27 M Increase of 8% to 2017
2 377,20 M Increase of 7% to 2018
2 575,62 M Increase of 8% to 2019
2 860,30 M Increase of 11% to 2020
source: Eurostat, Comext

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