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Poland is an attractive place to invest and conduct business. With its strategic location, large market and well-educated workforce it is a place of countless opportunities. There is a number of institutions operating with a purpose of assisting foreign investors and traders in finding business opportunities.

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National Agencies

At the national level the key institution is the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (Polish acronym: PAIH). The Agency provides advisory, assistance in applying for funding, B2B networking and other services helping your business grow in Poland.

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (Polish acronym: PARP) supports the growth of SMEs in the country. Additionally it is the operator of the European Enterprise Network for Poland.


Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH)

Krucza 50, 00-025 Warsaw (working hours: mon.-fri., 8am – 4pm)

Regional Support

Poland is divided into sixteen regions called voivodeships. The regional authorities (Voivodeship Marshals and the Marshal Offices) provide assistance to prospective and current investors in their regions, typically via Investors Assistance Centres (IAC, Polish acronym: COI for Centrum Obsługi Inwestora). If you are a trader, these institutions provide assistance in finding business contacts.

Economic Zones

If you are exploring the possibility of investing in Poland you may be interested in tax incentives for which your business may be eligible. There are fourteen entities in the country managing the Special Economic Zones. They provide assistance in the investment process, guiding the investor from selection of business location to calculation of support for which the investor may apply.

Industry Chambers

Chambers of commerce or other business associations help businesses in networking, exchange of information on selected industries or markets. In Poland there are numerous organisation of the kind, supporting particular industry sectors, facilitating economic exchange among companies from different countries.

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