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The Polish Food Specialities Sector –  a PAIH report

According to the Polish Investment and Trade Agency’s quarterly report, “The Polish Food Specialities Sector” published at the end of June, Poland is one of the largest food producers in Europe. In 2022, we exported agri-food products worth EUR 47.6 billion.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency’s (PAIH) quarterly industry reports published   in English are an important source of knowledge on the situation of 15 sectors of the Polish economy. According to the report , the export of Polish agri-food products increased by 25% compared to data from 2021.

As PAIH’s experts emphasize, Poland is in the top three countries of the European Union in terms of fruit production. Since 2014, our country has also maintained its leading position in the EU ,in the production of poultry meat . We are also the EU’s 4th largest producer of dairy products and the 5th largest producer of honey .

Extremely well-equipped cooperatives and advanced processes make  the Polish sector one of the most modern in the EU. Family farms, which are an important group in the Polish agricultural sector, conduct sustainable agricultural production. Compared to Western countries, Poland has for decades used much less fertilizers and pesticides, thanks to which Polish food is healthy and full of flavour.

The professionalism of Polish food producers allows them to constantly expand their range of produce and expand into increasingly distant markets. For this reason a large part of Polish food products have halal and kosher certificates.

The full text of the report is available in the Industries tab

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