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e-quality forum 2017 - baner PL

E-Quality Forum 2018

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E-Quality Forum deals with the opportunities and threats that face cyber-economy and e-state.


This is a unique meeting place for the most eminent programmers and cyber-executives with managers, entrepreneurs, investors, politicians and opinion leaders. Allows each other to share experiences and establish business relationships, which is conducive to the boutique character of the event.


In today's world, more and more aspects of life are dependent on IT. Control of manufacturing processes, order and logistics management, sales records, human resources, financial transfers, accounting, data analysis, project management ... Without computer systems, it is difficult to imagine the functioning of both a small business and a corporation.


That is why today's quality of information systems and their security are of great value.


E-Quality Forum will be organised on 24-25 May in Warsaw, Poland.


Please find the program and registration form on the web page: www.e-qualityforum.pl