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Seminar: MODERN TECHNOLOGIES IN STATE SECURITY15 December 2016, Confederation of Danish Industry


The seminar focuses on modern technologies in the service of the state security and civic protection. The aim is to present positive experiences in European research and innovation programs, focused on security. Special attention will be given to cooperation between Poland and Denmark and future possibilities to develop and acquire joint projects within European programs such as Horizon 2020, ISFB, ISFP.


The seminar envisages, among others, presentation of the state of art technology achievements in the field of robotics and surveillance taking into account security challenges the EU is currently facing (migration, terrorism). We will discuss the use of modern technologies in ensuring state security, international funding framework and Polish-Danish potential in the R&D area, presenting successful case studies of the latter. We expect mixed participation of scientists, researchers and enterprises interested in boosting the Polish-Danish cooperation in this domain.


The seminar takes place at DI, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18, 1553 Copenhagen and participation is free of charge. During the seminar companies are invited to showcase products and give a short presentation. Please register your interest in these opportunities on the online registration form no later than 8 December.

branże: Przemysł obronny i zbrojeniowy, IT/ICT, Wojskowe pojazdy bojowe

Dania - Copenhagen
Dodał: Anna Woińska