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Poland at Web Summit 2017 - summary

Web Summit - one of the leading tech conferences in the world - took place last week in Lisbon. This year's edition attracted around 60 000 participants from more than 170 countries.
IT / ICT | 20.11.2017 09:43 web summit, portugal, lisbon, startups, poland

Diplomatic car for sale - Toyota Vios 1.5G

Place your bids by 25th November 2017
Cars | 13.11.2017 05:03 liquidation, car for sale, trade and investment office, bidding procedure,

Meet us at Web Summit 2017!

We're finishing first year of our program with the leading European startup event - Web Summit.
IT / ICT | 03.11.2017 16:04 poland, it, startups, web summit, lisbon, portugal

Auction announcement for the assets of Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ankara

Liquidator of Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ankara announces the auction of assets deemed unnecessary or waste.
Trade | 02.11.2017 14:02 auction, assets, trade and investment promotion section of the embassy of the republic of poland in ankara

Sale of the MERCEDES E 220 CDI

Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ankara, located at Şehit Ersan Caddesi, And Sokak 8/17, Çankaya 06680 Ankara, announces public tender for the sale of the MERCEDES E 220 CDI.
Counseling / consulting / education | 31.10.2017 14:54 mercedes, sale, public tender, embassy, trade section


The Governor of Nevada - Brian Sandoval, the Marshal of the Lublin Region - Sławomir Sosnowski and the Vice-Marshal of the Lublin Region - Krzysztof Grabczuk signed a letter of intent for a further cooperation.
Health and Medicine, Counseling / consulting / education, Trade, IT / ICT, Financial services | 31.10.2017 12:35 #nevada, #accelerationbridge, #lubelskie

Sale of movable assets of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section in Copenhagen in liquidation

The Trade and Investment Promotion Section in Copenhagen in liquidation (Ryvangs Alle 46, 2900 Hellerup) announces the sale of the movable assets. Please visit us during "garage sale" which will take place on 25.11. (Saturday) and 26.11. (Sunday) from 10:00 to 14:00 at Ryvangs Alle 46, 2900 Helle...
Other products | 10.11.2017 10:17 sale of movable assets, trade and investment promotion section in copenhagen in liquidation

Diplomatic car for sale - Toyota Camry 2.0 G 2008

Cars | 15.10.2017 07:10 diplomatic car, sale, new price, toyota, toyota camry, 2008

Polish Businesses Seek Trade Opportunities in Vietnam

Vietnamese and Polish agricultural businesses have reached a mutually beneficial agreement for the trade of fruit and dairy products. The deal was struck during a recent Vietnamese research trip to Poland to conduct a market survey.
Pharmaceutical industry, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Other food products, Dairy products, Production of fruits and vegetables | 11.10.2017 11:02 poland, vietnam, polish investment and trade agency, export, import

Poland at Futurecom in Brasil - summary

On October 2-5, 2017 we attended the Futurecom fair in Sao Paulo with the Polish ICT promotion stand. Futurecom is the largest ICT event held in South America.
IT / ICT | 10.10.2017 15:43 futurecom, brasil, poland, it



ExpoOPAKOWANIA Packaging Fair is a new formula of an event dedicated to key production technologies used in the industry. It will be held on 21-22nd November 2017.
Environmental Protection, Other products, Rubber and plastic, Paper | 26.10.2017 11:39
fairs, sosnowiec, poland, packaging fair, production technologies, production, labeling, recykling, expoopakowania, 2017

ExpoBonding 2017

Bonding Technology Fair ExpoBONDING that will take place on 21-22 November 2017 in Expo Silesia Conference and Exhibition Centre in Sosnowiec.
Construction and architecture, Manufacture of transport equipment, Production and processing of metals, Rubber and plastic | 26.10.2017 12:33
fair, sosnowiec, poland, bonding materials, manufacturers, distributors, industrial adhesives, surface cleaners, industrial chemicals, sealants, resins, guns, special tools, robots, robotized bondling lines, accessories.bonding technology fair, expobonding, 2017

Polish Offers

Pozycjonowanie w Niemczech PL

Pozycjonowanie w Niemczech

Typ oferty: Kooperacja
Opis oferty: uKONTENTowani Sp. z o.o. oferują Państwu szeroką ofertę dotyczącą pozycjonowania stron i sklepów internetowych na rynku niemieckim i nie tylko. Bez skutecznego i profesjonalnego pozycjonowania, Twoja witryna pozostanie niezauważalna dla Twoich odbiorców. Wiemy, jak to zmienić. Szczegóły naszej of...

Niemieckie strony internetowe

Typ oferty: Kooperacja
Opis oferty: Firma uKONTENTowani Sp. z o.o. oferuje Państwu profesjonalne stworzenie stron internetowych i sklepów internetowych po niemiecku. Jeżeli myślisz o profesjonalnym rozwinięciu swojego biznesu za zachodnią granicą. Oferowana strona internetowa w języku niemieckim (i nie tylko) będzie spełniać najwyż...

Niemieckie sklepy internetowe

Typ oferty: Sprzedaż
Opis oferty: Nasza firma zajmuje się również tworzeniem sklepów internetowych opartych na WooCommerce, co w prosty i łatwy sposób pozwoli Ci zarządzać Twoim biznesem. Zajmiemy się również profesjonalną obsługą Twojego sklepu internetowego w języku niemieckim. Skonfigurujemy sklep zgodnie z Twoim życzeniem. Sz...


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Recruitment to PAIH Foreign Trade Offices

Recruitment to PAIH Foreign Trade Offices.
Counseling / consulting / education | 20.07.2017 12:58
paih, foreign trade offices, recruitment

Poland - Land of People

Undoubtedly, the outstanding quality of human capital is one of the strongest assets of Poland.
Other industries | 09.05.2017 15:31
poland, promotion, people, human resources

Sectors of opportunity for investment and trade

The Polish economy has become especially friendly to sectors developing in areas in which Poland already has or stands a good chance of achieving long-term success on the international stage. Attracted by generous tax incentives and a competitive cost base, the number of investors in these sector...
Other industries | 15.05.2017 13:47
poland, promotion, investment

Poland - Heart of Europe

Poland’s convenient location at the junction of the East-West and North-South communication routes, makes the country a perfect investment destination for enterprises targeting – Western and Eastern, as well as Northern and Southern parts of Europe.
Other industries | 09.05.2017 15:32
poland, promotion,