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    Foreign investors in Poland

    Send Print Download added: Małgorzata Kędzierska | 2016-07-25 13:24:50
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    Poland is a very interesting place for foreign investors.

    Country's main advantages are: large number of inhabitants (almost 40 millions), diversified economy in terms of sectors, ambitious employees and easy access to markets of Eastern and Western Europe.


    Polish economy may be briefly depicted as:

    • being robust and resilient to external shocks, mainly due to the country’s significant internal market and diversified export structure,
    • offering safe environment for economic activity and long-term planning (due to stable prices and constant GDP growth),
    • having very low risk of a financial crisis (public sector debt amounts to 57.0 % GDP while the EU 28 average equals 87.1% GDP),
    • offering broad range of investment possibilities resulting from modernization of infrastructure and implementing modern technologies in corporations,
    • being driven by a large number of agile small and medium enterprises (over 3 000 000 registered entities).


    Foreign Direct Investment

    Poland is an increasingly attractive destination for FDI. We offer an excellent entry point for global companies looking to access the single EU market. There are many greenfield and brownfield investments.


    In addition to our well qualified workforce and optimistic economic indicators, the ‘traditional’ pluses of Poland which are mentioned by investors are:

    • competitive labour costs,
    • loyal labour workers,
    • strategic location on transit routes,
    • large internal market, and
    • efficient incentives.


    List of Major Foreign Investors in Poland - December 2015 - pobierz


    More: PAIiIZ (



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