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Infrastructure in Poland collected with transport, air transportation, railway network and telecommunication. Add : Patrycja Operacz | 11.05.2017 Poland, infrastructure, transport, air transportation, railway network, telecommunication

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Poland is one of the most frequently visited countries in Central Europe among new EU members, with many natural and cultural assets for the development of domestic and foreign tourism. Add : Patrycja Operacz | 11.05.2017 Poland, tourism

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Business Services Clusters in Poland

In the recent decade, the region of Central Eastern Europe has become one of the most important hubs for business processes offshoring worldwide. Add : Patrycja Operacz | 11.05.2017 Poland, Business Services Clusters

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Industry clusters

Polish industry is based on two main pillars. One on traditional industries, which have survived the post communist times and have been adapted to new modern forms of activity. The second pillar are newly created industrial clusters formed through large initial investments in the form of Greenfield investments by foreign global players. Add : Patrycja Operacz | 11.05.2017 Poland, Industry clusters, automotive industry, aviation, electronics, food industry,

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Energy sector

There are two aspects of the energy sector in Poland that are worthy of consideration. The first one is the electricity market and prices for the industrial consumer. The second one is the liquid fuel branch of the industry. Add : Patrycja Operacz | 09.05.2017 Poland, resources, business sector, energy sector. energy

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Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and forestry in Poland have a very long and deep rooted tradition. Over 60% of Poland’s territory has been declared agricultural land. Add : Patrycja Operacz | 11.05.2017 poland, agriculture, forestry, resources

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Poland is plenty of natural resources Add : Patrycja Operacz | 11.05.2017 Poland, Resources

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Industrial and Technology Parks

Industrial and technology parks are places which, due to a concentrations of firms from one sector and supporting science and research facilities, are enabled to develop quickly. This is a pro-development model that is increasingly being implemented in our country. The facilities being offered, are applicable both to Polish and foreign businesses. Add : Patrycja Operacz | 09.05.2017 Poland, industrial park, technology park

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Polish companies offers

Długopisy Cosmo

Klasyczny i ekskluzywny jednocześnie – taki jest każdy długopis Cosmo. Dbałość o szczegóły estety...
Polska - ŻARY 2019-10-18 Added:Adam Burzyński Media and advertising See offer

Breloki reklamowe

Choć z wyglądu nieco niepozorne, oczywiście breloki reklamowe, są niezwykle funkcjonalnym akcesor...
Polska - ŻARY 2019-11-18 Added:Adam Burzyński Trade, Media and advertising See offer

Eastchem Sp. z o.o. Zawiercie - dostawca surowców chemicznych jak węglan potasu K2CO3, siarczan p...

Firma Eastchem Sp. z o. o. powstała w 2004r. w Zawierciu, spółka Eastchem jest bezpośrednim impor...
Polska - Zawiercie (miasto) 2020-11-24 Added: Other chemical products, Chemicals in primary forms, Chemical and Cosmetic See offer

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