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Substrate, Uniwersal substrate, Peat substrate

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Marcin Fertacz

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Manufactured from highmoor peat with the fraction of 0-30mm, de-acidified with chalk with the addition of fertilizers and micronutrients. Owing to its unique structure it perfectly absorbs water while maintaining perfect conditions for plant growth. Used as a supplement to other substrates, it improves their aerial and hydrous properties, enriches the humus and accelerates plant growth. It is an excellent substrate for seeding and growth of a majority of ornamental plants and vegetables, except for the plants that require acidic substrate. It is also suitable for plants grown in balconies and for pot plants. After planting, fertilize according to the requirements of a given plant with generally available fertilizers.

Please send commercial inquiries to:
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BIOVITA produces and packs a wide range of garden soil, peat, peat substrates, bark, wood chips, decorative stones, fertilizers, nonwovens, lime, perlite and expanded clay.
Since 1997, it has been a dynamically developing company with an established position in the horticulture industry. The production of high-quality substrates for cultivation, expanding the range of products tailored to the requirements of consumers, make Biovita a brand chosen by customers.
An extensive distribution network consisting of business partners, wholesalers and sellers helps the company to be close to the customer.
Mission of the company:
"Biovita products are a good start for your plants, thanks to modern technologies we ensure traditional quality."
Therefore, on a daily basis, the company strives to offer customers a wide range of high-quality products available throughout the country. By investing in new technologies, caring for employees and developing the distribution network, we build lasting business relationships based on reliability, responsibility and partnership.

Supplementary information

Uniwersal substrate
Minimum order quantity: 1 pallet
Please send commercial inquiries to:
Uniwersal substrate 5l - 360 pieces/bags - 1 pallet
Uniwersal substrate 20l - 120 pieces/bags - 1 pallet
Uniwersal substrate 50l - 48 pieces/bags - 1 pallet
Uniwersal substrate 80l - 36 pieces/bags - 1 pallet
Substrate with absorbent 250l - 15 pieces/bags - 1 pallet


  • Topsoil
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