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Cabin Cruiser

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Contact person
Patryk Tyszko
Phone: +48737416183

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Angielski, Polski,

Description of the contract

Cabin cruisers are motorboats with a comfortable cabin for at least 2 people. The boat is equipped with a galley with a burner, fridge and sink with running water. Additional options on cabin cruiser boats are heating, air-conditioning, thrusters, toilet, shower etc. Powerboats built on a planing hull are mostly powered by large outboard engines.

Cabin cruiser boats are exhibited at many yacht fairs. It is also a place of trade, new business agreements, plans, but also social meetings because the season is over for the vast majority. The autumn fair fits our mentality very well; after a hard-working season, everyone can decide how much to spend on preparing for the next season. The beautiful weather, which is more like late summer than mature autumn, also contributes to this. Source, this website.

A well-prepared event at the end of the season is interesting for many, both sellers and buyers. In addition to indoor markets, there is also a charter fair for professional visitors. The European Chambers of Commerce exhibit at the motorboat trade fair in order to provide information on legal regulations and support in doing business in the countries they represent.

Cabin cruisers are intended for everyone: professionals and amateurs, marinas, charter companies. You can't make a mistake here, it is important that you are connected to the sea and sailing. Manufacturers include well-known brands such as the inevitable Marex from Norway, Quicksilver from the USA, Parker from the UK and Jeanneau from France.

Supplementary information

The motorboat is equipped as standard with the possibility of mounting additional equipment, according to the product card, as well as with the possibility of selecting engines. It is worth checking out Merry Fisher boats as highly recommended for those looking for high quality at a reasonable price. Original and modern design can attract a wide range of sailors.

Purchasers from abroad

  • Grenlandia
  • Lesotho
  • Mauritius
  • Irlandia Płn.
  • Madera
  • Estonia
  • Seszele
  • Chorwacja
  • Macedonia
  • Dania
  • Kenia
  • Słowacja
  • Maroko
  • Rosja
  • Czarnogóra
  • Rwanda
  • Algieria
  • Gwinea Bissau
  • Austria
  • Słowenia
  • Australia
  • Uganda
  • Suazi
  • USA
  • Burundi
  • Kanada
  • Egipt
  • Malawi
  • Wyspy Owcze
  • Irlandia
  • Białoruś
  • Cypr
  • Izrael
  • Turcja
  • Finlandia
  • Sudan
  • Francja
  • Grecja
  • Argentyna
  • Bośnia i Hercegowina
  • Paragwaj
  • Włochy
  • Reunion
  • Republika Południowej Afryki
  • Hiszpania
  • Belgia
  • Gibraltar
  • Brazylia
  • Luksemburg
  • Księstwo Andory
  • Łotwa
  • Mali
  • Angola
  • Bułgaria
  • Mołdawia
  • Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie
  • Majotta
  • Monako
  • Wielka Brytania
  • Królestwo Niderlandów
  • Botswana
  • Czechy
  • Polska
  • Litwa
  • Arabia Saudyjska
  • Zimbabwe
  • Serbia
  • Demokratyczna Republika Konga
  • Niemcy
  • Madagaskar
  • Burkina Faso
  • Norwegia
  • Katar
  • Mozambik
  • Islandia
  • Namibia
  • Portugalia
  • Etiopia
  • Zambia
  • Azory
  • Rumunia
  • Szwajcaria
  • Szwecja
  • San Marino
  • Księstwo Lichtenstein
  • Węgry
  • Grenada
  • Gruzja
  • Jemen
  • Jordania

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