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Mobile set for express antivirus disinfection with UVC light

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Company address who announced the offer
76-024 Świeszyno
Konikowo 55P/55 P
Contact person
Adam Świrski
Phone: +48 697015304

Język komunikacji:
Niemiecki, Angielski, Polski, Rosyjski,

Description of the contract

Mobile set of lamps for express disinfection UVMB150UVC4X40W

Supplementary information


Bactericidal and virucidal lighting fixture on a mobile base, perfect for express disinfection of rooms with UV-C radiation. Short operating time due to direct exposure, safe and easy to use.

Mobile UV-Care is a professional mobile luminaire for quick and effective disinfection of public spaces and equipment using ultraviolet radiation. Due to the high dose of UV-C radiation, and thus a short disinfection time, it is suitable for use in the intervals between visits of subsequent people. Equipped with a mobile base and a long (5m or 10m) power cord allowing easy transport between stations or rooms.

APPLICATION: health care facilities, medical, dental, treatment, physiotherapeutic and cosmetic offices, hair salons, makeup / tattoo studios, gyms, bathrooms, sanitary facilities, changing rooms and changing rooms, public transport vehicles, public transport stations, sports halls

DISINFECTION TIME: programmed at the factory based on the volume and parameters of the room or the distance from the surface to be sanitized.

Three predefined settings selected with an intuitive switch.

ATTENTION: during the operation of the device there must be no people. Turning it on and off should be done from outside the room or with a timer that will automatically delay the start of radiation emission, and then turn it off after a set time. Looking at the light source may damage your eyesight, and skin irradiation may lead to burns and irreversible damage for a long time tissues.


Timer for safe operation:

- counts down 30 seconds from turning on the power or pressing the start button, allowing the safe to leave the room by the service;

- switches on UV-C radiation for a programmed time;

- upon exposure completion informs the operator with a sound signal;

- counts the sum of the UV-C fluorescent lamps operating time and after exceeding the limit of 9,000 hours audibly signals the need to replace fluorescent lamps.


The microwave motion sensor automatically turns off UV-C exposure when a person is approached during exposure, protecting against the dangerous effects of UV-C radiation.

Version: Lightweight aluminum construction with a stable base with wheels and a handle for easy movement. UV-C fluorescent lamps covered with protective rods.

Power cord 5m or 10m long

Dimensions: h = 1500mm, ø = 730mm

Weight (with light source): 9kg

Rated luminaire power: 160W

Power supply: Built-in impulse converter with high efficiency and power factor> 0.95 ensures constant UV-C light intensity at supply voltage from 184V ~ to 253V ~ 50Hz

Light source: UV-C fluorescent lamp (4 pcs)

Dominant UV-C wavelength: 254 nm

Socket: G13

Shaft: T8

Electrical power of the lamp: 36W

Fluorescent UV-C radiation power: 15,5W

The dimensions of the fluorescent lamp with pins: 1214x28mm

Lifetime: 9,000h

Replaceable light source: Yes (with ~ 230V power off)

UV-C irradiance intensity at a distance of 1m from the luminaire: approx. 450μW / cm 2

Cover warranty: 24 months

Guaranteed radiator life: 9,000 h.

Purchasers from abroad

  • USA
  • Białoruś
  • Izrael
  • Francja
  • Włochy
  • Ukraina
  • Brazylia
  • Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie
  • Wielka Brytania
  • Królestwo Niderlandów
  • Niemcy

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