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MG Firma Usługowo-Handlowa Mariusz Giwerski
67-100 Nowa Sól,
Szarych Szeregów 1 12,
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Mariusz Giwierski
Phone: 530 515 512

Ortalion is a very popular outer fabric, because it is very light, yet durable and strong. It works great as protection against rain and sun, so it is mainly chosen as a material for umbrellas, tents and awnings. The left side of the ortalion is laminated with a silver polyurethane. Silver Ortalion is a fine medium-woven fabric woven into subtle threads with interesting colors. These lush and intense colors make the material look very modern. The ortalion material will work both as an outer and inner fabric. Thanks to our fabric, you will create smooth transitions between rooms. The orthalion on the left side is covered with a silver layer of polyurethane, which acts as a waterproofing. Therefore, the material is resistant to UV rays, water and mold. The water stays on the surface of the smooth fabric and flows from it and dries quickly. In addition, the strong weave of the thread causes the fabric not to stretch or shrink. The very small weight of the ortalion makes it possible to successfully use it for light curtains that protect against solar rays.


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