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AM Consulting Anna Marzec
30-532 Kraków,
Dąbrowskiego 16 ,
Contact person
Anna Marzec
Phone: 500306318

Contact: printing@amconsulting THE OFFER: PRINT - the highest quality offset print - on coated paper, non coated offset paper, volumed HARD COVER - in format from 100x105 to 300x370 mm - thickness of block from 3 to 60 mm - glued blocks (hard sewnless) or thread-sewn - books edge round or flat PAPER COVERS - all in paper - canvas - leather and imitation of leather - interconnected - interconnected wing covers - book-jacket BROCHURE COVER - in format from 100x125 to 310x390 mm - thickness of block from 3 to 60 mm - glued and thread-sewn blocks - wing covers / folded flaps outer covers - covers with windows - spiral covers - PUR - Hot-Melt ADDITIONAL SERVICE - foiling single copies - preparation of advertisement materials to books - foil covers, uv lacquered and special: > glitter > scent etc. > dry pressing or colour foils - pasting cd and/or dvd - pasting holograms, labels and stickers - attaching advertising bands - pasting protecting safety codes, stripes - packaging set type: book+cd in boxes or case


  • Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security
  • Printing and related services
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date: 22.04.2016 - 19.10.2016  

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