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Modeling, simulation and optimization of processes

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Contact person
Krystian Kogut
Phone: +48533322720

Język komunikacji:
Angielski, Ukraiński, Polski, Rosyjski,

Description of the contract

The InterMarium company offers modeling, simulation and optimization services using FlexSim software. Our well-trained and thoroughly experienced simulation architects guarantee high standard of services. We can help you with:
1. Optimizing of production line
- Productivity increase
- Improvement of plan realization indicators
- Increase in Return On Investment (ROI)
- Optimization of inventory level and of work in process
- Optimization of employment / work effectiveness
- Improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of production line
- Production line balancing

2. Optimizing of transport time and costs
- Number of transporters and vehicles optimization
- Delivery time and costs reduction
- Number of the operating personnel optimization
- Transport routes optimizing
- Technical servicing of transporters plan development
- Number of transporters optimization
- Transport costs reduce

3. Optimizing of added value streaming
- Added value maximizing
- Average level of inventory
- Times and cost of process breaks
- Balancing of processes
- Process flow
- Average cost per unit

4. Optimizing of chemical processes
- Inventory level – risk in production interruptions
- Average blending time
- OEE of blenders
- Blenders efficiency
- Process flow
- Number of blender operators
- Fluid waste

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Awards and prizes

  • The INNOVATOR AWARD for the contribution in the field of innovative solutions (2016)
  • "Pro Inventio" Medal for encouraging to pro-innovative and entrepreneurial attitudes among young people (2016)
  • The Best Innovative Product for Transport, Logistic and Manufacturing (2016
  • Laurel of Expert in computer-aided improving of production, logistic and warehousing processes (2018)


  • Human resources management consultancy services
  • Production management consultancy services
  • Design consultancy services
  • Procurement consultancy services
  • Project-design services other than for construction work
  • Facilities management services
  • Records management


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