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window blinds

roletki, żaluzje, plisy

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Company address who announced the offer
SEKO Sp. z o.o
32-863 TYMOWA
Contact person
Phone: +48693409504

Język komunikacji:
Angielski, Niemiecki, Polski,

Description of the contract

- fabric roller blinds
- horizontal blinds
- horizontal Day Night window blinds
- vertical blinds
- roletki wewnętrzne ( dzień/noc, materiałowe, do okien dachowych )
- żaluzje (poziome drewniane i aluminiowe, pionowe)
- plisy

Supplementary information

- fabric roller blinds
Fabric blinds are the most popular form of covering the windows from the sun, which in addition to practicality is very impressive interior decoration.We offer blinds in several different way of installation.Great choice of fabrics allows us to meet the tastes of even the most demanding customers.

- horizontal blinds
Our product is made of aluminum strip with fins width of 25 or 16mm. One of its advantages is the fine adjustment amount of light penetrating inwards without having to raise the blind. Driving lines can be employed, which ensures easy and stable control of the product mounted in windows overheads. The control is performed with string and knobs.

- horizontal Day Night window blinds - product features:

1. Flexible adjustable to translucent or fully blackout and sun protection.
2. Used simple and safety, just pull the beaded chain up and down
3. Natural woven fabric creates beautiful light filtering during the day and privacy at night.
4. Holder for ball chain included(child safety).
5. Widely used in Bedroom,Living room,Bathroom,Kitchen room,Dining Room, Office, Meeting Room, Cafe, Hotel, Study Room, Library etc

- vertical blinds
Vertical blinds are used mainly as sun protection systems in big glass structures extremely popular nowadays in modern architecture. While enormous glass windows and walls enable inhabitats to have contact with nature, unfortunately, they guarantee neither intimacy nor protection from excessive sunlight. Here come vertical blinds as an ideal solution their chief merit being their aesthetic value combined with the possibility to control the amount of light coming into the room. Our offer features also an impressively wide range of fabrics and lamellas that will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste.

Supplementary information

- roletki wewnętrzne ( dzień/noc, materiałowe, do okien dachowych )
- żaluzje (poziome drewniane i aluminiowe, pionowe)
- plisy

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  • Construction structures and materials', 'auxiliary products to construction (except electric apparatus)
  • Structural products
  • Builders' joinery
  • Windows, doors and related items
  • Doors
  • Sliding doors


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Drzwi i okna, Wyposażenie wnętrz, Architektura, Budownictwo,
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