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Letters from styrodur: - styrofoam, Letters of plexiglass:

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Company address who announced the offer
05-220 Zielonka
Długa 3/7
Contact person
Maria Bujanowska
Phone: 509189413

Język komunikacji:
Angielski, Polski,

Description of the contract

We would like to present our offer in order to establish cooperation in production and supply of logotypes and spatial letters. Currently, we operate on Swedish market where we successfully introduced our products. They have met with Customers‘ satisfaction.
We are the manufacturer of spatial 3D logotypes made of styrodur and backlit version made of thermally bent plexiglass pmma.

Supplementary information

Letters from styrodur:
We make letters and spatial body at any size and thickness, painted with acrylic paints, facade at selected colors from the palette NSC or RAL.
Our letters do not have typical for this type of products intersections to the center.
Letters are veneered, which means that we are cuting the top layer of the front.
As a result the surface is perfectly equal and aesthetic value is much higher.
We offer the possibility to use for this service one of two materials: plexi or PCV covered with foil. Both of them should be chosen in accordance to manufacturer’s pattern.
Letters are sent with set of stencil foil, which allows self-assembly.

Letters of plexiglass:
We use the best SAMSUNG LED modules, and power supplies MEAN WELL.
Our letters are always perfectly lit.
We pay special attention on accuracy of bends. Cover of letters are always fit to their back.

We offer production and shipping within up to four days from date of order (depending on the size of the order and the type of letters).
We guarantee high quality.

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