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Poland is a very interesting place for foreign investors. Country's main advantages are: large number of inhabitants (almost 40 millions), diversified economy in terms of sectors, ambitious employees and easy access to markets of Eastern and Western Europe.

Poland’s economy speeds up after the last deceleration and in 2014, as the European Commission predicts, it will grow by 3.2 proc. compared to 2013, when growth reached 1,6 proc. Poland maintains a distinctly higher economic growth than the European Union, where the average GDP growth in 2014 is estimated to be 1,6 proc., which is a notable acceleration compared to 2013, when the EU’s economy contracted by-0.4 proc.


In 2012, after two consecutive years of growth, the influx of foreign direct investment capital to Poland equaled 4 716 euro million, noting about 10 116 euro million lower value than in the previous year.


Foreign Trade Offices of the Polish Trade Agency (PAIH) is a global, constantly developed network of the Agency’s divisions responsible for providing support for Polish exporters and investors who look for new business opportunities, overseas. Offices have also been designed to attract foreign investors and assist them in their way to Poland. PAIH Foreign Trade Offices are focused on distant markets of rapid growth with the biggest business potential for Polish companies. Ultimately, there will be 70 locations of PAIH Foreign Trade Offices in the world.


Trade and Investment Promotion Sections of Polish Embassies and Consulates (WPHI) have been established to support Polish companies, especially small and medium enterprises. Within our mission we also assist foreign companies interested in buying Polish goods and services as well as investing in Poland.


The Network of Investors and Exporters’ Service Centres (COIE) is a systemic project carried out by the Minister of Economy. The project aims at increasing the level of internationalization of the Polish companies by facilitating the access of entrepreneurs and their associations to free, high-quality, complex information services that are essential to planning, organizing and starting exporting and/or investing abroad.


Foreign investors in Poland are also supported by the chambers of commerce.

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