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Securing business: product certification

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Product Conformity Certification, to use its full title, is a process by which manufactured products are assessed and verified as conforming to stated requirements.

This results in the issue of a statement or certificate of conformity and, normally approval to apply a mark indicating the conformity of the product. Certification may be mandatory or voluntary.

Mandatory certification applies when required by either national or international law. Voluntary systems are being implemented by specifying organisations in order to improve the build quality of components that form an integral part of a larger product. In simple terms, a mark on a product is a form of assurance that the product and system used to manufacture it all meet the regulatory requirements and the relevant specifications. Marks in many different formats are used and some are mandatory. Others are not.


The underlying certification process may involve various tests and production quality assurance procedures and will vary in value and cost. Product certification marks signal that a product conforms to a specification, so it is important to understand the content of the specification to fully appreciate the value of the mark.


In accordance with EU law, it is very important to certify the product with the ‘CE sign’. This symbol is placed by the producer on his product. The CE sign certifies that the product is consistent with all law requirements and safety standards. These requirements are based on over 20 European directives, each of which regulates a policy for another product. The directives are implemented in Poland through the legal act of estimation systems from 30th August 2002. It is important to notice that without a CE sign, the product cannot be used across the EU countries nor imported from outside the EU. Products with this mark can be used throughout the European Union and in Norway.


Source: Polish Investment and Trade Agnecy, Poland your business Partner. Invest in Poland, 2016.

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