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The Polish construction industry is still developing and has become our export specialty. It is characterized by rapid growth, the use of new technologies and the constant demand for well-qualified employees. Poland’s main partners in this industry, in terms of the value of exported services, are Germany, Sweden and Belgium. In 2020, exports of the industry accounted for 3% of Poland’s services exports.

Usługi budowlane

Civil engineering and construction traditions have a deep impact on the Polish economy. Real estate is one of the leading investment sectors that unites modern technologies with building materials and the supply chain of construction machines, giving a flexible but highly profitable approach to new direct investments in this sector.

Industry definition

The industry is coded SE under the BPM6 classification.

The number of construction services is large and includes installation, renovation, construction, remodeling, demolition, specialty construction, civil engineering, building erection, and more.

Value of industry exports from Poland [EUR]

1 915,3 Increase of 9% to 2017
1 808,7 Decrease by -6% to 2018
1597,6 Decrease by -12% to 2019
2026,9 Increase of 27% to 2020
source: Eurostat, Comext

Useful contacts

Polish Cement Association

ul. Lubelska 29/4/5, 30-003 Kraków

Modern Buildings Association

al. Niepodległości 18, 02-653 Warszawa

Logo Polskiej Izby Gospodarczej Rusztowań z napisem

Polish Economic Chamber of Scaffolding

ul. Tadeusza Czackiego 3/5 00-043 Warszawa

Association of Finishing Works Specialists

Ul. Prosta 11; 96-500 Sochaczew


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