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Poland is the leader in the export of candles among the EU countries

According to Eurostat data, Poland is the largest exporter of candles among the European Union countries. Last year, candles worth a total of EUR 922 million were exported from Poland, which accounts for 38% of total candle exports in terms of value.

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Poland ranks first in the export of candles among EU countries. It is followed by the Netherlands (export value of EUR 246 million) and Germany (EUR 205 million).

Export and import of candles in the EU

In 2022, European Union member states exported candles with a total value of €2,457 million, i.e. 27% more than in 2021, when the value amounted to €1,938 million. Candle imports to the EU amounted to €2,331 million in the same period, i.e. 22% more than in the previous year. At that time, the value of their imports amounted to EUR 1,938 million.

While Poland is the largest exporter of candles, Germany is one of the largest importers of candles to the European Union. In 2022, they imported €609 million worth , accounting for 26% of total candle imports by value. The Netherlands (€313 million) and France (€173 million) are the next countries in imports of candles to the EU.

Main recipients of candles

In 2022, the vast majority of candles sold went to other European Union countries (79 percent). Almost a third of the EU’s candle exports to non-EU countries were sent to the UK (worth €159 million). Other export destinations are the United States (€80 million) and Switzerland (€72 million).

Development of the Polish candle market

At the beginning of the 21st century, Poland was a small player on the global candle market. In 2000, our market share for this product was 2.74%. Two decades later, in 2020, it rose to 18.4 percent. This shows how much progress our country has made in this industry over the last twenty years.

Source: PAP, Eurostat

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