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Poland accounts for 10 percent of Christmas tree sales in Europe

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According to estimates, about 5-6 million live Christmas trees are sold annually in Poland. Their sale is offered by both private sellers and the State Forests. This figure represents 10% of total Christmas tree sales in Europe. Every year, at least 50 million Christmas trees are delivered to customers on the Old Continent.

Poland is one of the largest producers of Christmas trees in Europe, right next to Austria and the Scandinavian countries. In 2022, the value of the Polish  Christmas tree market was estimated at approx. PLN 500 million.

Export of Christmas trees in Europe

Denmark is the clear  leader in the export of such trees, from  where  6-7 million come from. The production of Christmas trees in  Denmark significantly exceeds the domestic demand, which is estimated at about 700,000 trees per year. Surplus production is exported, and the main recipients of Danish Christmas trees are Germany.

Not only does Germany import Christmas trees from Denmark, but it also leads the way in the production volume, which reaches 25-30 million per year. However, the majority of German Christmas trees are sold domestically, which means that the export of these plants from Germany is significantly lower than that from Denmark.

Polish export of Christmas trees

In 2022  The value of exports of Polish Christmas trees amounted to PLN 41.43 million. This result is higher than in previous years, indicating that Polish exports of this product is still growing. In 2020 Its value amounted to  PLN 20.09 million, and in 2021 it was PLN 40.69 million. We send Christmas trees mainly to the countries of the European Union, mainly to Denmark, France and Romania.

Artificial Christmas trees

In addition to live trees, artificial Christmas trees are also very popular. The Polish source of such Christmas trees is the commune of Koziegłowy, in the Silesian Voivodeship. There are nearly 2000 companies involved in their production registered there. The production of artificial trees in Koziegłowy began in the mid-1980s and over the following decades producers from this commune have produced millions of such Christmas trees.

Source: Farmer.pl, Dziennik Zachodni, Central Statistical Office

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