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An American company will again invest in Poland

Philip Morris International (PMI) has been present in our country since 1996 and has already invested almost PLN 25.5 billion here, giving jobs to many thousands of people. Investments to date include the existing factory in Krakow, its continuous modernization and the development of the Krakow business services centre for many markets.

The American cigarette manufacturer, is currently the only tobacco company in the world that has publicly announced that it intends, in the near future, to completely abandon the sale of traditional cigarettes and replace them with smoke-free products, which are a better health alternative for smokers.

Work on toxicological assessments of PMI smoke-free products began in 2015. 26 clinical trials and 58 studies of consumer perception and behaviour were performed before and after the launch of these products.

In Poland, the number of regular smokers is nothing to be proud of and covers as much as 29% of the population. Heaters with of the American company’s cartridges made there debut in Poland at the beginning of 2017. According to their manufacturer, thanks to new generation products, the harmfulness of tobacco addiction can be significantly reduced. At the end of the second quarter of 2023, the company estimated that heated cigarettes already account for over 8.6% of the Polish market share and is currently the 3rd place in the world after Japan and Italy.

Philip Morris International (PMI) held approximately 2,500 smoke-free patents at the end of 2022, remaining an industry leader.

It is no accident that the investment in Poland coincided with the launch of a new heating system – IQOS Iluma. The new factory in Krakow will be related to this product, and modern machines will produce smokeless tobacco cartridges for this latest version of heater. Production is to start as early as 2024, and the products are to be widely exported from Poland to world markets.

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