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Mission of the space and aviation sector companies to Canada

The organizer of the mission, which took place on 15-18 April 2019, was the Department of Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish Space Agency (POLSA)
Aerospace | 19.04.2019 05:12

Polish medical equipment in the United States - Florida International Medical Expo (FIME)

Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) - the largest medical fair in the Americas took place between 17-19 July 2018 in Orlando (USA). The Polish Investment and Trade Agency in cooperation with national exhibitors promotes the Polish medical equipment sector at the national stand (AB.11).
Medical / Rehabilitation, Machines and devices | 17.04.2019 13:20

AeroMart Montreal 2019 - Poland at the heart of the aviation industry

The Montreal Convention Center will host the aviation industry from around the world for three days at AeroMart Montreal.
Aerospace, Manufacture of transport equipment | 10.04.2019 09:37

Polish national stand at Avalon 2019 - report

For six days the Avalon airport hosted guests from all over the world. The Avalon 2019 fair attracted representatives of the aviation sector and became a business platform for all participants. Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defense Exposition are two parallel events. On one han...
Aerospace, Manufacture of transport equipment | 09.04.2019 15:24

PAIH Vietnam takes part in In-house Congress

In-House Congress Ho Chi Minh City 2019 is bringing together leading in-house lawyers, CEOs, company directors and compliance professionals from both the private and public sectors in Vietnam.
Counseling / consulting / education | 09.04.2019 11:18

White amber

The colour of amber, meaning what exactly? Honey or cognac colour is usually mentioned. Such amber is encountered the most frequently, but this is only a fraction of the colour range of Baltic amber.
Jewelry industry | 05.04.2019 17:58

Biotrem company

We welcome the Biotrem company that made its debut at the Green Living Show in Toronto. It is a company that is dedicated to simple solutions that support a healthy lifestyle. It received great recognition and is a popular demand amongst many Canadian companies
Food processing, Cereal products, the baker and flour, Other food products | 04.04.2019 21:51

Polish Investment and Trade Agency at Meble Polska 2019 - Study Tour Mission of the furniture industry

As part of this year's edition of Meble Polska 2019 in Poznań, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency organized a Study Tour mission for representatives of foreign entrepreneurs and journalists representing the furniture sector.
Furniture, Furniture production | 04.04.2019 10:37

AMBERIF 2019: The Global Amber Fair

The 26th edition of Amberif will go down in history as a festival of jewellery and fashion, contemporary design and masterful jewellery creations, alongside gratifying business and social meetings, interesting lectures and exciting inspirations. Amberif’s appeal is growing with each year!
Jewelry industry, Clothing, textiles, leather goods | 03.04.2019 16:05


Organization of events and fairs | 02.04.2019 10:05


Polish Offers

Tapicerka motocyklowa PL

Tapicerka motocyklowa

Typ oferty: Sprzedaż
Firma: MG Firma Usługowo-Handlowa Mariusz Giwerski
Opis oferty: Eko-skóra “Zenit” idealna na siedziska motocyklowe. Przeznaczona dla tapicerki motocyklowej oraz do tapicerki na łodzie i jachty. Sztuczna skóra najwyższej jakości. Swoimi właściwościam...


Typ oferty: Sprzedaż
Firma: MG Firma Usługowo-Handlowa Mariusz Giwerski
Opis oferty: Ortalion jest lekką tkaniną o właściwościach przeciwdeszczowych, dzięki czemu świetnie sprawdza się jako tkanina zewnętrzna. Najczęściej wykorzystywany jest w produkcji parasoli, namiotów i markiz.

Szynoprzewody izolowane czterobiegunowe UNILIFT-ULA

Typ oferty: Sprzedaż
Firma: UNILIFT Sp. z o.o. sp.k.
Opis oferty: Szynoprzewody UNILIFT - model ULA są przeznaczone do zasilania odbiorników ruchomych, głównie urządzeń dźwignicowych takich jak suwnice i wciągniki. Znajdują także zastosowanie w wielu innych urządzeniach przemysłowych. Szynoprzewody ULA są wytwarzane w postaci gotowych odcinków w wersji czte...


Embassies and consular posts

List of embassies and consular posts of countries in Poland.
Other industries | 09.06.2016 12:31

Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce in Poland.
Agriculture and forestry, Mining and mining industry, Food processing, Financial services, Transport and logistics | 18.07.2016 11:16


The Network of Investors and Exporters’ Service Centres (COIE) is a systemic project carried out by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology.
Other industries | 29.03.2018 11:20

Polish Export

Unsurprisingly the profile of Polish exports largely coincides with that of foreign direct investment (FDI). Poland is a large market in its own right and is often seen as a convenient export platform both for Europe and Eastern Europe.
Other industries | 16.06.2016 09:13

Embassies and consular posts of the EU

List of embassies and consular posts of the European Union countries in Poland.
Other industries | 06.06.2016 11:48