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U.S. investments in Poland

This year’s survey conducted by CBOS, in which Poles were asked, among other things, about which nations they value and like the most, the Americans received the most votes (65%).

Flaga USA

This result also  confirms  the results of a survey conducted in 23 countries around the world by the Pew Research Centre, which shows that Poland is the most pro-American country in the world. As many as 93 percent of the inhabitants of our country speak positively about the US. An interesting fact is, that this percentage is higher than the positive opinion of the inhabitants of the United States itself.

Some data about the US

The United States of America is the fourth largest country in the world. The country covers an area of 9,826,630 km2 and is divided into 50 states and 14 dependent territories of varying status. Its capital is Washington, D.C., this city is also the political and administrative centre of the country.

According to The World Bank, in 2022, the population of the USA was over 333.287 million.

The GDP of the United States in 2022 was $25.44 trillion, the highest GDP of any country in the world, this has been continuously so, since 1900. On a per capita basis, that’s over $76,329.

More information about the U.S. (economy and trade) here

U.S. Investments

As Poles,  have such a positive attitude towards Americans, it is for this reason they  have a very positive attitude to accepting American investments.

U.S. investments in Poland

In the case of our country, since 1999, i.e. since Poland’s accession to NATO, mutual relations with the United States have remained at a very good and positive level. American investors definitely appreciate the creativity of Poles and Polish companies and are all the more willing to invest here. However, their investments in Poland have a non-standard structure – apart from services, almost half of them are related to production. Poland’s central location  in Europe and the development of our transport infrastructure after our accession to the EU in 2004 are probably of considerable importance.

The  inflow of American capital in the years 2010-2021 was almost 50% higher than all the other FDI in Poland. More than half of the investment were located in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. Other attractive locations were those in the Lower Silesian, Silesian, Greater Poland and Pomeranian Voivodeships, but also in Małopolska and Subcarpathia.

According to a report by the Warsaw School of Economics in cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), the value of investments of American capital at the end of 2021 amounted to USD 26.1 billion. This gives the US  first position among non-EU countries and the second globally after German capital. There are more than 1600 companies with American capital in Poland.

Intel, the Silicon Valley giant will also invest more US dollars here. Intel’s investment, formalized with PAIH’s participation, is the largest FDI in 2023 and the largest in the history of Foreign Direct Investments to date in Poland. The value of the project is estimated at USD 4.6 billion. Intel will build semiconductor integration and testing facilities in Miękinia and Środa Śląska near Wrocław, creating more than 2,000 new jobs. Thanks to this investment, Poland will become a part of the currently most important economic sector – semiconductors.

Intel already has a research and development (R&D) centre in Gdansk, where microprocessors are designed. This R&D centre is one of the largest of the 23 laboratories located in Europe and employs more than 4,500 people.

New York – microprocessor – Gdańsk

Visa, one of the American world leaders in digital payments, also with PAIH’s participation , has decided to make a new investment in Poland. Visa will open a global technology and product hub  here. The project will be the first of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe and the fifth in global strategic importance. Over the next few years, the hub will employ 1,500 technology specialists.

The largest U.S. investments in Poland

Giorgi Global Holdings, which owns the CANPACK Group – a global manufacturer of aluminium beverage cans, packaging for the food industry, as well as glass bottles and metal corona closures. The company has three factories in Poland: in Krakow, which is also the company’s headquarters, in Bydgoszcz and Brzesko. The company employs almost 8,000 people.

Raytheon Technologies Corp., a company that has been present in Poland for several decades. They design, participates in R&D and manufacture, as well as provide the after-sales service and export of high-tech products. The company employs nearly 9,000 people in the defence, aerospace and manufacturing industries. The company has created a truly Subcarpathian aviation valley, and in Rzeszów – the capital of the region – a branch producing auxiliary engines for Airbus, Boeing and Embraer. While in Wrocław, there is a research and development complex and production of aircraft propulsion control systems, aircraft hydraulics and fuel systems. The corporation is a giant in aerospace and defence technologies.

Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. is the owner of the TVN Group, which owns TV channels, Internet services and the Player streaming platform. The company has more than 2200 employees.

Mondelēz International, one of the largest food producers in the world, of which Mondelez Polska has been a part of, for over 30 years. Seven factories in our country produce sweets, among them the Prince Polo wafers, Lubisie biscuits and Alpen Gold chocolate. The plant employs around 5,100 people. The Group also invests in renewable energy sources, more here

Amazon, an e-commerce company, is one of the largest companies of its kind in the world. In Poland, it has built its logistics centres, serving customers in this part of Europe, of which the one in Poznań alone employs 7,000 people. In addition, the e-commerce giant is also located in Sosnowiec. Other logistics centres are located in Kołbaskowo, Gliwice, Pawlikowice, Łódź, Okmiany, Wrocław, Bielany Wrocławskie and Świebodzin.

Procter & Gamble, one of the largest FMCG companies in the world, has been present in Poland for over 30 years. Almost 1,700 people work in three modern factories (Łódź, Warsaw, Aleksandrów Łódzki). The company manufactures, among other things, cosmetics, razors, and disposable nappys.

The 3M Company  has 4 production plants in Poland and employs over 4,000  people. Two plants in Wrocław, including one with an R&D centre, are the largest such centres of the company in Europe. The other two  – near Grodzisk Mazowiecki and in Rabka. The company produces over 12,000 different products in the following areas, healthcare, safety, transport and electronics.

Commercial Metals Co. is an American owner of a steel mill in Zawiercie, employing over 2,000 people. Huta Zawiercie produces steel used in construction projects around the world, such as sports stadiums, buildings, motorways, bridges and railway lines.

Pepsico Inc., a manufacturer of beverages and various types of snacks present in Poland for over 30 years. The company’s factories are located in Michrow, Żnin, Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Tomaszów Mazowiecki. The latest one, near Środa Śląska, was built for over PLN 1 billion and produces  potato chips that will be delivered to 20 European markets. Pepsico directly employs more than 4,000 people,  while providing  job opportunities for 33,000  among its partners.

Many of the U.S. companies operate and manufacture in Poland through European companies and subsidiaries. Examples include Coca-Cola and Goodyear.

In Poland, U.S. capital has also invested in a wide range of services, covering a variety of sectors and industries.

An example is McKinsey & Company, one of the world’s largest consulting firms, specializing in business strategy, management, financial advisory and innovation. It has been present in Poland for 30 years and employs 1,500 people.

Other Consulting companies with American capital, offering a wide range of services, include: IDeloitte, present in our country for almost 35 years and employing over 600 people; KPMG – a global advisory firm in Poland since 1990; PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), an audit and consulting company with a long history of operating in many Polish cities; State Street – a provider of financial services to institutional investors; Marsh & McLennan Companies, an insurance, risk management and HR Consulting company.

U.S. capital can also be found in the banking services sector.

An example is Citi Handlowy, owned by the American Citibank through Citibank Overseas Investment.

A wide range of services, especially for corporate and institutional clients, is provided in Poland by another American bank – J.P. Morgan. This largest bank in the US and one of the largest financial holdings in the world has been present in Poland since mid-2018.

Other U.S. shared services centres in Poland include new technology companies such as Google and Accenture.

An example is also Microsoft, which  almost a year ago launched the first cloud computing centre in this part of Europe. The investment, announced two years earlier, cost the Redmond giant around $1 billion.

Other American capital includes: McDonald’s, Whirlpool Company – a manufacturer of household appliances, IBM Polska, Lear Corporation with several automotive parts and components factories in Poland, and Kyndryl Global Service, which manufactures, creates, modernizes and manages technological systems.

In 2023, investors with American capital were the largest investors in Poland, ahead of investors from Germany and the United Kingdom.

By 2021, companies with American capital that invested in Poland had created 330,000 jobs. Investments in 2023 will increase this number by almost 5,000.

Sources: AmCham, SGH, PAIH, CBOS, Pew Research Centre, The World Bank

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