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Polish cheeses appreciated in a well-known ranking

Poland is the sixth largest cheese producer in the world. On the European market, we compete for a place on the podium, with varying degrees of success, with countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy.

częściowo pokrojony ser leżący na desce

Our domestic products, are appreciated every year in various rankings, but first and foremost they are traditionally popular among gourmets- our, regional cheeses produced in a traditional way.

Polish cheeses in the Taste Atlas ranking

For many years, the Taste Atlas portal has been publishing lists of the best-rated food products in the world. The ranking is all the more prestigious because it is created thanks to the votes of consumers about what they  like the most.

The list of the best cheeses in the world for 2023, not for the first time, includes several from Poland. The results were compiled thanks to the ratings of 24,000 consumers who cast their votes for 1,350 cheeses from around the world.

In the category of smoked cheeses, Polish products were highly appreciated. In 2023, thanks to the votes of Internet users, our national” Gołka” was placed in a very high, second position. To be more precise, it scored an equal 4.42/5, with the first position of the Italian Provoli. 

Gołka is produced from the milk of the red mountain breed of cows. It is mild  and salty, has an elastic texture, comes in a  cylindrical shape with a shiny skin. It can be served and enjoyed in many ways, from simply as a snack or baked, fried or grilled. It tastes great  served in all  these ways.

 Very highly evaluated, although  not on the podium, in  fourth place,  known as  “the younger sister” of  the Oscypek – a small  cheese called Redykolek. It is made from processed Bundz, i.e. sheep’s cheese, mainly in the mountain regions of Podhale and the Silesian Beskid. Redykołka has a unique, salty, slightly spicy taste and original shape, often resembling animal figures characteristic of the region in which it is produced.

In the high, ninth position was our popular and very much liked Oscypek. A hard, smoked, salty cheese, made from the milk of Podhale sheep.

In the category of the so-called “ordinary” cow’s  milk cheeses, those produced in Italy (Mozzarella), the Netherlands (Gouda) or Brie de Meaux from France were at the forefront.

Once again, the Italian Parmigiano Reggiano remained unrivalled at the top of the ranking – a Parmesan cheese made from semi-skimmed raw cow’s milk.

However, in this category,  Polish producers, highly appreciated on global markets, have a chance to advance significantly, and we, the consumers, will caste our votes.

You can read more about Polish cheeses here

Source: The National Support Centre for Agriculture (KOWR)

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