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One billion cubic meters more gas in Poland

The ORLEN Group has announced an increase in the volume of gas sent from its own production sources in Norway. This is more than 30% more raw material per year, which is an additional 1 billion cubic meters. What does this mean for Poland and what are the details of this operation?

Gas pipeline

Increased gas production

Thanks to the acquisition of KUFPEC Norway, PGNiG Upstream Norway (part of the Orlen Group) gained control of interests in five Norwegian fields. These include Gina Krog, Sleipner Vest, Sleipner Ost, Gungne and Utgard. This allowed for the increase of gas production in  Norway by 1 billion cubic meters per year. Reaching a total of 4 billion cubic meters.

The Baltic Pipe

This extracted raw material is sent to Poland via the Baltic Pipe. It is a system of gas pipelines connecting Norway, Denmark and Poland. The pipeline’s reserved capacity is more than 8 billion cubic meters per year. Now, thanks to the additional volumes obtained from KUFPEC Norway, PGNiG Upstream Norway can supply about half of the gas imported by ORLEN from Norway, using the maximum capacity of the Baltic Pipe.

Strategic Objective

This is an important step in achieving the ORLEN Group’s strategic goal. The company aims to produce more than 6 billion cubic meters of gas annually by 2030 on the Norwegian Continental Shelf . Thanks to higher gas production from Norway, Poland will benefit from energy security and optimize gas purchasing costs.

In 2023, gas imports to Poland amounted to 14.1 billion cubic meters. Domestic consumption amounted to 17 billion cubic meters. 44% of the raw material was delivered to the domestic market via the Baltic Pipe.

Source: The ORLEN Group

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