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NRP: An opportunity for development for Polish companies

The National Recovery Plan (NRP) is an important source of funding to support Polish companiesIt offers the opportunity to obtain funds for business development, innovation and strengthening competitiveness. Research conducted by the PIE Economic Weekly at the beginning of April 2024 on a sample of 500 companies showed that one in six of them expressed their willingness to use funds from the NRP. This shows the positive attitude of entrepreneurs towards the program.

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Results of the study

Most enthusiasts can be found among medium-sized companies (25%). This may be due to increased opportunities and financial resources that could enable them to implement projects co-financed by the NRP. On the other hand, small companies are reluctant to apply (24%). This may involve fewer resources and concerns about application procedures.

In the service sector, 25 per cent of companies are counting on funds from the NRP. At the same time, 21 per cent of them do not need to take advantage of the programme. This may be due to the diversity of activities carried out within the sector.

Nearly 40 per cent of entrepreneurs do not know whether their company will be eligible to benefit from  funds from the NRP. This points to the need to increase access to information about the programme. Especially in industries such as construction, trade and production. This is where 44%, 42% and 40% of companies report a lack of information on this topic, respectively.

The Government’s forecasts for the NRP

The Government anticipates that various sectors of the economy will receive support thanks to the funds from the NRP. For example, 5,000 companies in the fields of culture, tourism and gastronomy will modernize their business operations. 800 small and medium-sized  companies in the agri-food processing and fisheries  sector will be equipped with modern equipment. 3000 companies will benefit from digitalization consultancy. These are just a few examples of the wide range of activities that the NRP is intended to support.

The National Recovery Plan  will provide significant support for Polish companies. This is an opportunity for development and innovation thanks to the financial resources available under the programme. However, it is crucial to increase access to information and simplify application procedures so that as many companies as possible can benefit from this support. This will contribute to the reconstruction and development of the Polish economy.

Source: PIE Economic Weekly, 15/2024

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