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Other instruments and apparatus

The tool business plays an important role in the development of industry, tools are involved in virtually every stage of the production process. The market can now see an increasing use of precision tools, there is also a growing demand for mini tools and special tools that are dedicated to a specific procedure.

Poland’s main partners in this industry, in terms of value of exported goods, are Germany, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. In 2021 exports of the industry accounted for 0.4% of Polish merchandise exports. In 2020, the current price of exports of tools, utensils and cutlery amounted to more than €1.4 billion.

Obrazek dekoracyjny

Industry definition

The industry includes the following CN codes: 8201 to 8211, 8213 to 8215, 9005, 9010, 9023, 9603, 9604.

These include, but are not limited to: hand tools, interchangeable tools for hand tools, cutters and cutting blades, plates, caps, tips and similar working parts of tools, hand-operated mechanical devices, scissors, tailors’ shears and similar shears and blades therefor, of base metal kitchen or tableware articles of base metal, padlocks and locks, binoculars, telescopes, apparatus and equipment for photographic laboratories, instruments, apparatus and models, designed for demonstrational purposes, brooms, brushes, brushes and others.

Value of industry exports from Poland [EUR]

723,61 M Increase of 11% to 2017
795,79 M Increase of 10% to 2018
848,22 M Increase of 7% to 2019
1 109,24 M Increase of 31% to 2020
source: Eurostat, Comext

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