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Polish Chamber of Commerce “POLISH PHARMACY”


Polish Chamber of Commerce “POLISH PHARMACY”

ul. Czorsztyńska 6; 01-410 Warszawa

Polish Chamber of Commerce “POLISH PHARMACY” is the largest industry organization operating for 30 years, bringing together representatives of domestic and foreign industry and wholesalers. It represents the industry in external contacts with representatives of government agencies, the Parliament and other cooperating institutions.

Area of export support

The Chamber accomplishes its tasks by, among other things:

  • cooperation with central state administration bodies, in particular the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy,
  • obtaining official interpretations of the growing number of imprecisely formulated legal regulations,
  • information activity in the media,
  • advisory and consultative activities for its members in the field of pharmaceutical law,
  • cooperation with domestic and foreign business organizations and associations,
  • cooperation with authorities of the self-government of doctors, pharmacists and scientific societies,
  • keeping its members informed about new and amended legal acts, which directly or indirectly concern the pharmaceutical industry,

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