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National Union of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Groups


National Union of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Groups

ul. Świętokrzyska 20, lok. 321; 00-002 Warszawa

The main objective of the Union’s activities is to provide its members with assistance in their statutory activities and to organize and develop the fruit and vegetable market by developing and strengthening the position of fruit and vegetable producer groups and organizations in a comprehensive manner.

Areas of export support

  • The Union conducts advisory, instructional, training, promotional, publishing and cultural-educational activities for the benefit of affiliated groups;
  • Represents the interests of affiliated groups to state administration bodies and local government bodies;
  • Represent the affiliated groups abroad
  • Cooperates with agricultural organizations, scientific, research and advisory institutions
  • Collects and distributes information on the functioning of business entities in the country and abroad, as well as on the possibilities of cooperation in terms of cooperation, supply, organization and finance among the rural inhabitants
  • Initiates and develops cooperation between groups and supports their economic initiatives

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