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LifeScience Cracow Cluster


LifeScience Cracow Cluster

ul. Bobrzyńskiego 14; 30-348 Kraków

LifeScience Cracow Cluster is a network of cooperation of partners from business, science, health and administration sectors, operating in the area of innovative products and technologies for health and quality of life, focused around three thematic groups: HEALTH, FOOD AND ENVIRONMENT.

The aim of LifeScience Cracow Cluster is to combine science with business, transfer knowledge to practice, develop competitiveness and entrepreneurship, support internationalization and as a result better use of scientific, cultural and economic resources of the region as well as integration of life science community in Małopolska.

The LifeScience Cracow Cluster initiative is open – any entity that (a) conducts activities related to life science sector or offers services addressed to people and entities from this sector and (b) accepts objectives and rules of cooperation within the Cluster may join the agreement.

Areas of export support

Cluster partners benefit from a range of services such as:

  • access to knowledge and information base and dedicated research resources;
  • networking and collaboration tools;
  • organisational, legal, marketing, financial, logistic and technological support;
  • creation of strategic alliances including centers of excellence and project groups between businesses and research centers at both regional and international level;
  • support for commercialization of research results.

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