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Association of Household Appliance Employers


Association of Household Appliance Employers

ul. Włodarzewska 76d; 02-393 Warszawa

APPLiA is an association of household appliance employers representing household appliance manufacturers and importers in Poland. APPLiA Poland is the new name of our organization, which from its registration in 2004 until May 2018 operated under the name CECED Poland. We are an effective and the only representation of the white goods manufacturers industry in Poland.

Areas of export support

  • APPLiA coordinates, in technical areas, the participation of Polish white goods manufacturers in international, European and national standardization, certification and similar bodies
  • Conducts studies and other types of research in order to inform white goods producers in Poland and to formulate a common policy
  • Gathers data and statistics in order to inform members of the Association about the situation of the white goods industry in Poland, Europe and the world
  • Represents the interests of members before state authorities, public administration, local governments and other entities

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