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Waterly Spółka z o.o.

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    IT and Telecommunication, Other goods

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    Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Czechia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Sweden

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Company description

Polish company operating in the environmental protection industry, which uses the latest technologies for the purpose of protecting water resources worldwide. It offers an innovative comprehensive system for monitoring lakes, rivers, ponds and reservoirs and early warning of possible threats. It is based on fully autonomous measuring buoys, AI algorithms and a smartphone application so that it monitors water all the time, and when it detects changes it immediately notifies you.

Company offers

Due to its unique features and unconventional design, the entire Waterly system finds use
in a wide spectrum of monitoring applications:
– water quality and level of lakes and rivers,
– water quality of farm ponds,
– water quality of fishing ponds,
– water level (digital water level gauge),
– water quality of public bathing areas,
– quality of waters used by industrial plants in technological processes,
– quality and water level of retention reservoirs.

Company commodity

Full spectrum of water quality monitoring system.

Water quality monitoring system

This is an innovative water quality monitoring and early warning system that uses state-of-the-art technology to continuously analyze the condition of surface water in real time. Thanks to the Waterly system, you will be sure that taking a bath in a lake or river is safe for you and your loved ones, and that the water parameters provide the right conditions for the development of the local flora and fauna.


Additional Files

Part 1 of technical description.

pdf (2,32MB )

Part 2 of technical description.

pdf (2,69MB )

Contact Information

Waterly Spółka z o.o.


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