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    Iron, steel and articles thereof, Other metals and articles thereof, Plastics, rubber and articles thereof, Plastics and articles thereof, Other instruments and apparatus, Chemicals, Other goods

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    Czechia, Slovakia, Sweden

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    Visegrad Group, Denmark, Sweden, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro

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Company description

Orde is a leading distributor and manufacturer of cleaning technologies with extensive experience. Over the past 25 years, we have earned the trust of our esteemed customers by offering a diverse range of products, enabling us to supply distributors catering to the most significant sectors of the industry: HoReCa, healthcare, industry, government institutions, and cleaning companies. Our customers receive an offer that combines the highest quality, reliability, and attractive prices.

Company offers

We offer a variety of products made from stainless steel and black steel, including service trolleys, trolleys for outdoor areas, waste segregation racks, cleaning cloth frames, and metal floor scrapers equipped with hardened steel blades. In addition, we provide a diverse range of chemical sets, pads for machines, and sweeping sets and sweepers made from the finest bristles.

Company commodity

Professional metal scraper for removing the toughest dirt with a blade made of hardened steel

250mm scraper with rubber handle

Metal scraper with hardened steel blade for removing tough dirt.
Perfect for removing adhesive residue, resin, floor tiles, floor coverings, various types of multi-layer impurities, old paints and mortars. The high-grade materials used to construct it are of the highest standard.It is a highly effective means of accomplishing tasks in locations that are unreachable by mechanical means.

Chrome-plated service trolley

Trolley Service 52

This service trolley is specifically designed to ensure a clean environment inside buildings and comprises of two or three segments, thereby creating functional zones for operator convenience. The various modules that can be utilized to configure the service trolley comprise a storage section, a selective waste collection component, and a surface cleaning component.The storage module comprises of spacious trays in two readily available sizes.

Frame ZIBI 70-120l with lid and wheels, chromed

The ZIBI 70-120l frame

The frame ZIBI 70-120l is equipped with a pedal-operated lid and wheels, and is galvanized with a polyurethane coating. Available in many configurations: with a 70l or 120l bag holder, with the option to combine into multi-module sets, with a choice of covers in 5 available colors, with a pedal, on wheels and with a plastic base. Used in the HORECA industry, healthcare for the collection of bedding and medical waste, and in gastronomy, considering HACCP standards or other risk management systems


Additional Files

Trolleys for sorting and transporting large quantities of dirty laundry

jpeg (340,71KB )

Trolley 80cm H stainless steel bag holder 120l with lid and pedal

jpeg (267,48KB )

DUST frame 70l with pedal set-operated lid and wheels

jpeg (246,63KB )

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