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  • Industries

    Cosmetics and detergents, Other goods

  • Already exports to:

    Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania

  • Wants exports to:

    Western Europe, Visegrad Group, Ukraine, Baltic states, Nordic states, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Moldova, Slovenia

  • Languages

    English, German

  • Size


Company description

Nowe S.A. is independent family-owned company situated in Poland looking to extend sales of our products on foregin markets. We’re a manufacturer of all type Home Fragrances, Decorations Air Fresheners, Scented Pearls, candles and Sachets. We earn our position of leader in the Polish market as pioneer in home air fresheners, fragrances, beautiful and aromatic products selling them to small business or big retailers and drugstores like Rossmann, DM or Jeronimo Martins .

Company offers

Responding to the expectations of our Private Label sector clients, we have expanded our machinery park with additional equipment, enabling even greater product customization. Depending on the specific needs of the client or market requirements, we are able to offer a product from any price range.

Company commodity

Scented sachets

Scented sachets

In English: We offer sachets in various shapes and sizes that enrich everyday reality. The sachets bring freshness and a unique character to every space. Thanks to them, daily activities become aromatic rituals, and the objects around us take on a new dimension. The combination of functionality and design makes the sachets both practical and aesthetic. Allow yourself to experience unique olfactory sensations that will accompany you in everyday life, creating an atmosphereof harmony and relax.

Reed diffusers

Decorative reed diffuser

Our fragrance diffusers are a unique combination of elegance, functionality and passion. Innovative solution of two-phase liquids creates a new formula and standard in the category of fragrance diffusers. We prioritize the highest quality, ensuring that each element is perfectly crafted. The reeds provide a subtle release of the fragrance, creating a pleasant atmosphere in every kind of room. For us, fragrances are not just a product – they are a passion that we want to share with others.

Scented oils

Scented oils

The essence of nature captured in bottles. We are a producer of oils, carefully curated fragrance compositions guarantee the highest quality and intensity. The richness of ingredients, combined with a ceramic burner and a tealight, envelops the room in a chosen aroma, positively influencing well-being and relaxing the senses. We emphasize the longevity of the fragrance. With our oils, you will transport yourself to a world of scents, discovering new dimensions of relaxation and harmony.


Additional Files

Brief presentation of our brand

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