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Lunis Jarosław Krasuski

  • Industries

    Business services, Renovation and construction materials, Minerals, metals and fuels,… expand

    Business services, Renovation and construction materials, Minerals, metals and fuels, Aluminium and articles thereof, Copper and articles thereof, Minerals, ores and articles thereof, Iron, steel and articles thereof, Precious metals, Other metals and articles thereof, Industrial machinery and mechanical appliances and parts thereof, Agricultural machinery and parts thereof, Other instruments and apparatus, Furniture, Ready-made furniture and parts thereof, Laminated wood, plywood and wood frames collapse assets/ico/rozwin

  • Already exports to:

    United Kingdom

  • Wants exports to:

    Western Europe, Visegrad Group, Baltic states, Nordic states, North America, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand

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Company description

Lunis leverages 18 years of experience as a metal manufacturing sourcing company. We provide our clients with the best in price and quality assurance for their manufacturing projects. We cooperate with a reliable network of domestic and European manufacturing partners to deliver top manufacturing capabilities with the most in-house technologies. We have recently added to our offer solid wood products. Industries include: construction / building, industrial, automotive and more.

Company offers

Lunis is involved in all areas of manufacturing including design, logistics and quality control. We offer a hands-on approach on every stage of your project. Examples of custom metal fabricated products:
Man Handling Equipment
Pipe Support Systems
Work benches
Handyman Equipment

We have added to our offer solid wood products:
Solid Log Cabins
Wooden Houses
Small-Scale Architecture
Workshop Equipment: Workbenches / Ladders / Trestles

Company commodity

Pipe Support Systems

Pipe Support Systems - Sliding Shoes for Pipelines

Pipe Support Systems



Right-handed and left-handed springs.

Material: black spring wire in SM and SH class, stainless steel spring wire AISI 302 and SANDVIK

Wire diameter: d = 0.20-5.00 mm

Types / shapes of endings: whole eyelets (English), half eyelets (German) and hooks

Protective coating: zinc plating, nickel plating

Solid Wood Products

Solid wood workbenches

Solid Wood Products

Contact Information

Lunis Jarosław Krasuski

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