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  • Industries

    Renovation and construction materials

  • Wants exports to:

    Western Europe

  • Languages

    English, German

  • Size


Company description

Łukasiuk is a proven, Polish brand that specializes in developing tent halls. The company has a portfolio of hundreds of halls all over Poland in multiple locations. Łukasiuk can raise an industrial hall in every part of Europe.

Thanks to the expertise, specialists can take on every project, even the most complex ones. Brand experts speak English and are just a call, or e-mail away. Just reach out, let Łukasiuk know about your needs, and see how quickly can they get you a brand new tent hall.

Company offers

The brand provides Classic (not insulated) tent halls, Thermo (insulated) tent halls, Custom tent halls and services regarding hall design.

Company commodity

Sample classic tent hall located in Konskowola - Pulawy (Poland)

Classic Tent Hall by Łukasiuk

Not insulated tent hall that can serve temporary purposes, can be easily dismantled and moved into different location.

Contact Information



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