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LinkWise Wojciech Dinst

  • Industries

    Business services, Renovation and construction materials, Other goods

  • Already exports to:

    Italy, Czechia, Norway

  • Wants exports to:

    Western Europe, Visegrad Group, Baltic states, Nordic states, North America, Israel

  • Languages

    English, Norwegian

  • Size


Company description

LinkWise specializes in three areas: 1) Offering comprehensive construction site equipment, like scaffolding, formwork, and safety systems, with custom welding services. 2) Assisting Polish and foreign manufacturers in global market expansion. 3) Providing leadership and team-building training tailored for international clients. With 13 years of experience in operational and strategic management, LinkWise combines expertise with innovation.

Company offers

LinkWise offers: 1) A wide range of construction site equipment including scaffolding, formwork, fencing, safety systems, and custom welding services. 2) Support for Polish and international manufacturers in global market expansion. 3) Leadership and team-building training. Leveraging extensive experience and partnerships, we ensure high-quality and competitively priced services tailored to international clients.

Company commodity

Comprehensive Construction Site Equipment

At LinkWise, we offer a wide range of construction site equipment, including scaffolding, temporary fencing, formwork, accessories, storage racks and pallets, edge protection systems, fall protection nets, aluminum, steel and wooden platforms, stair cages, composites, as well as custom steel and aluminum welding services. Leveraging our extensive experience and partnerships with leading domestic and international manufacturers, we deliver high-quality products at competitive prices.

International Expansion of Manufacturing Enterprises

Our goal is to support Polish and foreign manufacturing enterprises in their expansion into global markets. Utilizing our rich experience in management, logistics, and production, we assist companies in opening up new opportunities and markets, enhancing their global reach.

Training and Development

We provide specialized training programs. Our training focuses on developing leadership skills, building managerial mental resilience, and forming master teams. Tailored to the needs of international clients, our programs offer valuable and practical knowledge.

Contact Information

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