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    Renovation and construction materials, Machinery and parts thereof, Industrial machinery and mechanical appliances and parts thereof, Other instruments and apparatus, Electromechanical appliances and parts thereof

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    Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Baltic states, Southeast Europe and the Balkans

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    Western Europe, Visegrad Group, Eastern Europe, Baltic states, Nordic states, Southeast Europe and the Balkans, North America, Middle America and the Caribbean, South America, Middle East, North Africa

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Company description

Modern company focused on complex implementation of investments in the field of air pollution control in all industrial sectors in Poland and abroad, tailored to the individual needs of our customers. More than 25 years of experience and hundreds of references in the field of dedusting, filtration and neutralisation systems have resulted in an organisation with a complete and world-class infrastructure necessary for solving problems related to air pollution control.

Company offers

We deal with modern technology of dedusting, filtration and neutralisation of air pollutants for all industries in Poland and all over the world. We have modern technological facilities and offer our customers a comprehensive service – from design to production, installation and service. In addition to turnkey projects, we also sell products (bag filters, cyclones, multi-cyclones, dust collectors, fans, piping systems, structures, spare parts).

Company commodity

Flue gas treatment installation for WR-25 boilers at Radomskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej

Flue gas desulphurisation systems

INSTAL-FILTER SA offers modern technologies to reduce the emission to the atmosphere of all gaseous compounds listed in the BAT conclusions and the IED Directive. Depending on the reactors used, we offer desulphurisation using a mechanical reactor or desulphurisation using a fluidised bed reactor. In either case, the sorbent used can be lime or soda.

Dust extraction system for ZEC Zduńska Wola

Vertical bag filters

Vertical bag filter modules are a range of traditional dust collectors with bags mounted in a vertical system. They are designed to remove dry dust from gases in all industrial sectors. They are characterised by their ability to clean large quantities of gases – more than 1 000 000 m3/h.

Flue gas neutralisation plant at PEC Gniezno

Horizontal bag filters

Horizontal modular bag filters are modern devices for dedusting polluted industrial gases. At the same time, they meet the technical condition of high efficiency of the dedusting process and the economic condition of low investment and operating costs.


Additional Files

CCF filters are modular units designed for dust extraction from grinding and welding stations.

png (180,83KB )

The CDC-F filter is designed for welding stations. They combine a dust collector with an integrated fan.

png (174,55KB )

Module cartridge filter

png (373,85KB )

BFC/CFC filters are used in dust collectors and central vacuum cleaners.

png (340,03KB )

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