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    Renovation and construction materials, Minerals, metals and fuels, Aluminium and… expand

    Renovation and construction materials, Minerals, metals and fuels, Aluminium and articles thereof, Copper and articles thereof, Minerals, ores and articles thereof, Iron, steel and articles thereof, Precious metals, Other metals and articles thereof, Plastics, rubber and articles thereof, Rubber and articles thereof, Plastics and articles thereof, Polymers, resins and articles thereof, Machinery and parts thereof, Industrial machinery and mechanical appliances and parts thereof, Measuring instruments and apparatus and parts thereof, Agricultural machinery and parts thereof, Other instruments and apparatus, Electromechanical appliances and parts thereof, Vehicles, Automotive industry, Combustion engines, motors and parts thereof, Locomotives, rolling stock, special vehicles and parts thereof, Electric engines and batteries, Aerospace industry, Tires, Vehicle parts (excluding engines) collapse assets/ico/rozwin

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    Western Europe, Eastern Europe

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Company description

We manufacture technical seals with a wide range of applications. We make seals from many popular materials such as silicones, nitrile rubbers, fluorine rubbers, and many others. In addition to the production of technical seals, we also trade in seals and other technical materials. We have our own tool shop where we can make any tools if necessary. If necessary, we also make unit seals.

Company offers

We offer technical seals and rubber products, and if necessary, rubber profiles. We offer o-ring seals, rotary motion seals, seals for power hydraulics and pneumatics. We offer simmerings, lip seals, and many other types of seals and rubber products. We also offer components for the production of seals, including rubber compounds, release agents, and other necessary materials and equipment.

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