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Bogusław Cieślikowski POLFEM

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    Cereals and products of the milling industry, Other food products

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Company description

Repeated attempts and the desire to create products that we have eaten for years have helped us develop recipes for our gluten-free blends. Our bread, dumplings, pancakes, pancakes and dumplings taste like home-made. Even apple pie or Christmas cake do not differ in taste from those containing gluten. Our regular customers include people with various health problems, such as celiac disease, all kinds of allergies, autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto's, Crohn's disease) and people on a paleo diet.

Company offers

Gluten-free and vegan mixes for one of the most popular products of Polish cuisine: gluten-free dumplings, vegan apple pie, gluten-free pancakes, gluten-free sponge cake, vegan pancakes or gluten-free pizza. Our products are tested for the presence of gluten made in the renowned JARS laboratory, which has a license recognized throughout the EU. These certificates authorize us to put a stamp with a crossed ear on our packaging.

Company commodity

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Bogusław Cieślikowski POLFEM

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