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    Food, Live bovine animals and beef, Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages,… expand

    Food, Live bovine animals and beef, Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Live poultry and meat of fowls, Dairy products, Live swine and pork, Fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and products thereof, Prepared meat and sausages, Baked goods and sugar confectionery, Other meats and live animals, Cereals and products of the milling industry, Fish and seafood, Animal food, Other food products, Tobacco collapse assets/ico/rozwin

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    English, Russian

Company description

Our company is located in Eastern Poland. We offer products from the current production of local dairy cooperatives .Products: Skimmed milk powder, Fat milk powder, Sweet whey powder,Sweet whey powder demineralized, Sweet whey powder demineralized 50% low protein.
We would like to establish long-term cooperation with you as an exporter of dairy products in the Product of the region of Podlasie. We invite you to submit queries through mail: nawozy[@/nospam]agrobiznes.eu

Company offers

Transactions may be irregular, but the minimum amount is a 20 feet and 40 feet container, comprising a single type of product.
We invite you to submit queries through our contact form or mail: nawozy[@/nospam]agrobiznes.eu

Company commodity


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