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Warsaw and Pomerania at the top of a prestigious ranking

In the fDi Intelligence European Cities and Regions of the Future 2024 ranking, published annually by the British “Financial Times”, Warsaw was ranked 4th and Pomerania 5th.

miasto Warszawa, widok z lotu ptaka

The Ranking fDi Intelligence European Cities and Regions of the Future is one of the most prestigious rankings comparing the business potential of several hundred European cities and regions. Experienced professionals working in the specialized department of the “Financial Times”, classifying the surveyed cities, divide them according to the size of the population into five groups – main, large, medium, small and micro cities, and regions into 3 groups – large, medium and small regions. Then, in extensive studies, they measure the climate and post-entrepreneurial strategy by analysing, among other things ,the  economic potential, business-friendly attitude, investment costs, human capital and lifestyle of residents.


Warsaw was ranked 4th among the European cities of the future. Only London, Amsterdam and Dublin were ahead of our capital. Warsaw was followed by such metropolises as Paris, Berlin and Madrid. Warsaw, as the Capital of Poland, but also the Capital of the entire Central and Eastern Europe, is the city with the largest modern office real estate park in the region, it is well connected with the rest of Europe and the world. An equally important added value are the people who live here, very well educated, highly specialised, ambitious and hard-working. An additional advantage is the high quality of life of the inhabitants of Warsaw, which is facilitated by the well-developed infrastructure of the city and the agglomeration.


Already in the fDi Global Cities of the Future 2021/2022, Gdynia was noticed and awarded, in a high 2nd place, and now the fDi Intelligence European Cities and Regions of the Future 2024 our beautiful Pomerania with the Tri-City, for the time being in  fifth position, in the subcategory of medium-sized regions, as a very friendly place for Foreign Direct Investment. Pomerania found itself in the noble company of such regions as  Italy’s Tuscany, the Swiss canton of Zurich, Northern Ireland or the region of Murcia in Spain.

It is worth mentioning that Gdańsk was also noted in another ranking – the European Commission’s “Report on the quality of life in European cities, 2023” and was among the top five European cities best rated in terms of residents’ satisfaction with the quality and conditions of life and the possibility of families with children receiving support

It is in Gdańsk that Intel, The global giant from Silicon Valley, has created a research and development (R&D) department where microprocessors are designed. The R&D Centre is one of the largest of the 23 laboratories located in Europe and employs more than 2,500 people.

It is for these reason, Pomerania has earned such a high position in this prestigious ranking. Already, the value of FDI in this region has reached the level of USD 7 billion, and the number of employees providing business services has exceeded 40,000.

Source: gdynia.pl

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