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The lowest unemployment figures in Poland in over 33 years

According to data provided by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, unemployment in April amounted to 5.1 %. Only 798,500 people were unemployed. This is the lowest result since 1991, both in terms of the number of unemployed and the registered unemployment rate.

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Results according to the Central Statistical Office and Eurostat

Compared to March of this year and April 2023, the registered unemployment rate was lower by 0.2% in April 2024. The already mentioned number of unemployed – 798,500 people – decreased by 2.9% both y/y and m/m.

It is worth noting that such a good result was also confirmed in the data published by Eurostat. According to the European office, the unemployment rate in Poland was expected to reach 2.9 % in March this year. This was the lowest unemployment rate in the entire European Union. Only the Czech Republic could boast the same result. The data is optimistic – the EU average unemployment rate was 6%. In the euro zone it was 6.5%.

Over 5 or less than 3 per cent? About the methods of calculating unemployment

According to the Central Statistical Office, the unemployment rate is the percentage of the unemployed registered in labour offices in relation to the total civilian population of the economically active population. Everyone registers in Polish labour offices if they want to maintain access to free health care. Therefore, the presence in the office register is not synonymous with the search for employment by the registered person.

Eurostat measures the harmonised unemployment rate as the percentage of unemployed aged 15-74. These are people who are able to take up employment in the next two weeks and who have been actively looking for a job in the past weeks, for all economically active people in a given country.

Source: Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, Central Statistical Office, Polish Press Agency

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