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KPO: the largest transfer since 2004

On 15 April, Poland received almost PLN 27 billion from the first application for payment under the National Recovery Plan (NRP). The amount is the largest one-off transfer received from the European Union  in the 20-year history of our Poland’s membership. Together with the advance payment from the NRP, Poland already has over PLN 48 billion out of nearly PLN 256 billion that we are to receive.

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Priorities of the first investments under the NRP

According to the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy, by the end of June 2024, funds from the NRP will be transferred to a number of key undertakings and projects, including:

  • The Clean Air Programme – over PLN 1.6 billion,
  • Improvement of access to high-speed Internet in areas of dead spots – over PLN 720 million,
  • Modernisation of railway traffic safety – over PLN 570 million,
  • Road transport safety – nearly PLN 400 million,
  • Support for SMEs in agriculture – over PLN 250 million,
  • Expansion of childcare infrastructure – over PLN 200 million,
  • Investments in education and schooling – over PLN 160 million,
  • Vouchers for laptops for teachers – over PLN 150 million.

What has been invested in so far?

So far, Poland has invested more than PLN 1.8 billion from the NRP. This was the money from the REPowerEU advance. Key projects included:

  • The Clean Air Programme – over PLN 860 million,
  • Development of access to high-speed Internet – over PLN 330 million,
  • Support for SMEs in agriculture – over PLN 270 million,
  • Equalization of the level of school equipment with laptops – over PLN 205 million.

NRP in numbers – what have we already recieved, what are we waiting for?

The first application was submitted by Poland in mid-December 2023. The value of the application was €6.3 billion. Our country is to receive EUR 59.8 billion (approx. PLN 256 billion) from the NRP. This will include €25.27 billion (PLN 108 billion) in grants and €34.54 billion (PLN 148 billion) in the form of preferential loans. These funds will focus mainly on climate objectives (46.6%). This will be followed by digital transformation (21.3%) and social reforms (22.3%), in line with EU priorities.

Source: Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy

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