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Exploring Poland’s Thriving Bike Sector

The bike sector in Poland has emerged as a strong industry, characterized by an annual production of approximately one million bicycles by over 2,000 domestic companies engaged in the production of bicycles and their components. With exceptional growth rates of around 15 percent annually, Poland occupies a significant place in the European bicycle market.

Cyclist Riding the Bike on a Trail in Summer Forest

In 2021, European Union factories collectively produced nearly 13.5 million bicycles, with Poland making a significant contribution by producing almost 1.2 million units, placing the country fifth in terms of bicycle production in Europe. Eurostat data indicates a significant 11 percent increase in bicycle production in the EU compared to the previous year, reflecting a growing trend in the industry.

The dynamics of import and export

The dynamics of import and export within the bicycle sector also reveal promising trends. In 2021, the EU exported bicycles worth 921 million euros (including both electric and non-standard versions) to non-EU countries, while importing bicycles worth 1.896 billion euros. The export of non-standard bicycles increased by 16 percent, while imports grew by 17 percent during the same period. Furthermore, electric bicycles have gained popularity, with their exports outside the EU increasing by 15 percent and imports by an impressive 37 percent compared to 2020.

Promotion of the Polish bike sector

Recognizing the growth potential of the sector, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency’s Foreign Trade Office in Amsterdam has been promoting the Polish cycling sector, Polish bicycle manufacturers, and the influx of FDI from the sector into the country since 2023. In February 2024, the Foreign Trade Office in Amsterdam organized the Polish National Pavilion at the B2B Business to Bikes Festival in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. During the event, a diverse range of products from Polish manufacturers was presented, ranging from gravel, cargo, electric bicycles to smart urban mobility solutions, highlighting Poland’s innovation and commitment to the industry. The following companies showcased their products during the event: Bike Café, Delibike, EcoBike, Loca Bikes, Seedia ,Storm Bikes.

PAIH’s Foreign Trade Office in Amsterdam also promoted its latest publication, the industry catalog of Polish manufacturers from the bicycle sector: Ride in style: Polish Prime Bike Manufacurers.

The event provided a platform for Polish businesses to establish contacts, build partnerships, and showcase their knowledge and skills. Poland’s participation underscores its position as a key player in the European bicycle market, poised for further development and innovation in the sector.

The cycling sector in Poland continues to demonstrate resilience, innovation, and growth potential both in domestic and international markets. Poland’s participation in events such as the B2B Festival highlights its commitment to promoting and developing the bicycle industry, while simultaneously strengthening its position as a leading player in the dynamic European bicycle market.

Source: PAIH’s Foreign Trade Office in Amsterdam

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