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Patryk Tyszko
Tel: +48737416183

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Angielski, Polski,

Opis przedmiotu zamówienia

The recognisable form of Pilothouse superstructures or cabins is always fully expressed. The cabin always has a height for comfortable standing. The problem is that the smaller the boat, the cabin seems to be too high. The 5.6 m long hull is classic fishing and is a good and proven solution for smaller boats. As the cabin is centrally located and is quite large for such a small vessel, it simply dominates the vessel. The platform in front of the bow passage has a satisfactory width, there is also an anchor, chain and rope locker in the bow and an open fence for easy access. The not too long rounded spire adapts to the shape of the boat and on top of it there is an anchor guide with support and a channel through which a rope or chain is introduced into the bow passage. Speaking of mooring equipment and ergonomics, it is advisable to place the bow cleats under the rails and on the same level as the limiter running along the bow line and rails along its entire length. This stop prevents items left on board or in the side aisle from slipping or falling. Source, this website.

Space and comfort are somewhat limited at the level of the cabin, which has taken up quite a large section, and to this must be added the cabin roof, which extends further beyond the edge of the cabin. When placing stainless steel on the boat this limitation is taken into account and one roof railing is added to follow the rounded curve of the cabin roof and the other at the side of the cabin, which also serves to hold people in the cockpit. To make the exit from the cockpit to the side aisles as simple as possible, two side steps are fitted. This central position of the cabin may cause the cockpit to be slightly shorter.

Informacje uzupełniające

In Pilothouse boats we have excellent spatial parameters and arrangement. A space where nothing interferes with movement and work related to fishing. The floor covered with an anti-slip layer guarantees stability, the wooden lining mounted on the sides is comfortable to support when working with accessories, and the shelves placed in the side panels really represent everything a recreational angler needs. Let us also refer to the rod holders, which were placed on the side at the back, but also to the cleats, which were moved towards the stern of the boat. There is also a fresh water shower at the stern, with a fuel filler plug on one side and a water plug on the other.

There is usually one very large floor storage with a large cover, in which there is a stainless steel fuel tank, water tank and battery. Thanks to these three, there is so much space that you can store your fishing equipment additionally. The contents of the second storage, located in the left corner, which is at the same time a tank for live bait with a water outlet, is much easier to access. Both the stern and the floor locker are equipped with locks so that their contents are protected from thieves. Due to the lack of a seat in the cockpit, folding aft benches with a backrest are installed to ensure the necessary communication, but also to rest tired legs, as well as roller backrests mounted on a stainless steel pipe.

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