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3D Simulation Software for optimization of processes

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Osoba kontaktowa
Krystian Kogut
Tel: +48533322720

Język komunikacji:
Angielski, Ukraiński, Polski, Rosyjski,

Opis przedmiotu zamówienia

FlexSim 3D Simulation Software is a powerful, modern, yet easy-to-use, simulation package that allows modeling, simulation and optimization of complex processes taking place in enterprises. FlexSim, thanks to the OpenGL technology, mainly used in PC games creation, enables the construction of a three-dimensional model and realistic visualization of processes. Available object libraries have been designed in such a way as to enable the user to faithfully map the properties of individual components of the real system while maintaining full control over the structure of the created model. It is also possible to create your own 3D object libraries, adapted to individual, unique needs, or to build models based on upcoming CAD drawings.

Nagrody i wyróżnienia

  • The INNOVATOR AWARD for the contribution in the field of innovative solutions (2016)
  • "Pro Inventio" Medal for encouraging to pro-innovative and entrepreneurial attitudes among young people (2016)
  • The Best Innovative Product for Transport, Logistic and Manufacturing (2016)
  • Laurel of Expert in computer-aided improving of production, logistic and warehousing processes (2018)


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