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Starting business in Poland, Czech Republic, other EU countries, Russia & Belarus

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Osoba kontaktowa
Wladimir Jelenskij
Tel: +48608668365

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Angielski, Polski, Rosyjski,

Opis przedmiotu zamówienia

WEBLS Sp. z o.o. provide a full range of consulting services for companies in Poland (Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan) and Czech Republic (Prague, Brno). Also on the territory of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Belarus (Minsk), and Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana) We present our offer for directors and Top Managers, small and medium-sized enterprises that want to enter the market of Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic) as well as the countries of the former Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan).

Informacje uzupełniające

We will start Your business in above-mentioned countries and help You in:

registration of legal entities;
hiring personnel;
team organizing, planning and supervision, employees’ motivation and development;
creating and realizing the Company's strategy and business targets achievements;
in-house legal services (advising, legal review, contracting) in all aspects of Company´s activities;
reviewing the contracts and transactions from legal point of view, preparing legal documents, analysis and reports, making legal opinions;
subcontractor’s and clients base development, business partner verification, debt collection;
day-to-day business problem-solving;
claims management;
legal representation in various governmental agencies, legal environment monitoring and implementation of new regulations;
full range of real estate services;
organization of accounting;
search of suppliers;
promotion of products and services on the markets in Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus and etc.;
business immigration: full range of immigration services (residence permits, work permits, citizenship of Poland, Czech Republic);

The registration procedure can be performed either in Your presence or by the power of attorney.

Depending on Your targets there are several options how to start or transfer business to Poland or Czech Republic:

Option 1:
Registration of a new legal entity ( limited liability company or joint-stock company) or a Representative Office using “virtual” Registered Office Address.
This option is legal in Europe and is suitable for all companies especially for start-up business projects.

To realize this option we will have to obtain the information about the future owners and the power of attorney to represent Your interests. This will allow us:

prepare and submit all necessary documents for the registration of entity;
open bank accounts;
to sign a contract for outsourcing accounting services;
If necessary - to lease virtual servers to accommodate your information and / or IP-phone numbers with your desired country code and call forwarding to you a convenient phone number anywhere in the world;
to conduct any other necessary activities;

Option 2:
Registration a new company or open a Representative Office hiring a personnel form the very beginning . Also in this option the office is not virtual. We rent for You appropriate accommodation according to Your budget in the desired localization.
In this option we also need the power of attorney to represent Your interests and the information about the number of people who will work in the office and which type of equipment should be installed.

We will:

purchase the necessary equipment, set it up and install, test the software
prepare the office for using by personnel (set up communications, install equipment and computers)
set up office IP telephony based on the free platform Asterisk
our IT staff will render the full range of technical support services for You.

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