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POLAGRA 2018 - Synergy of Events PL

POLAGRA 2018 - Synergy of Events

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Polagra Tech 2018 - 30.09-04.10.2018

Two exhibitions and maximum business opportunities. As early as this autumn two exhibitions will take place: The BAKERY AND CONFECTIONARY TECHNOLOGIES EXHIBITION from 30 September to 4 October and the FOOD TECHNOLOGIES EXHIBITION from 1 to 4 October.


This is where visitors from all over the world - professionals - can find inspiration to create new tasty preserves. POLAGRA TECH 2018 is a rich offer for the food technology industry, i.e. among others, equipment for food conditioning can be seen as well as control and measurement equipment, hygienic and pest protection agents, cooling devices filling, fruit and vegetable, dairy, pasta manufacturing equipment and means of transport. This year, as typical in even years, a big exhibition of bakery and confectionery technologies will be also held, where manufacturers and distributors of Polish and world brands will prepare mixtures and components as well as complete technological lines for the confectionery, bakery and ice-cream industries.


More information: www.polagra-tech.pl



Kamila Adamczyk

E-mail: kamila.adamczyk@mtp.pl

Phone: + 48 61 869 23 73 mobile: 691 028 202


TAROPAK 2018 - 01.10-04.10.2018

Over 20 thousand metres of exhibition space in 6 halls will gather 500 exhibitors to present 450 novelties. As early as in autumn the biggest fair of the packaging industry in Poland - Taropak will be launched. Accompanying events include 4 PRINT WEEK fair - dedicated to the printing industry including the ART OF COLOR - NEW DIMENSION OF PRINT congress and Technology for Polymer Processing Fair - Polimer Tech.


TAROPAK is the biggest comprehensive fair comprising all sectors of packaging industry. From glass, through metal, paper and plastics, up to labelling and storage issues. The next editions of the event mean over a hundred of novelties applicable in various areas of economy where packaging is used, including the solutions related to labelling, transport and logistics.

More information: www.taropak.pl



Radosław Deja

E-mail: radoslaw.deja@mtp.pl

Phone: + 48 61 869 25 47 mobile: 691 031 280


Polagra Gastro - 01.10-04.10.2018

International Fair for Gastronomy and Hotel Equipment - Polagra Gastro and Invest Hotel, is a complex, modern and inspiring exhibition of cutting-edge technological solutions and equipment for gastronomic outlets and accommodation facilities.


The exhibition shall be supplemented by special inspiration zones, including the Gallery of Innovations, with première solutions for professional kitchen on the Polish market and Invest Hotel Showroom with ready arrangements of hotel space as well as prestigious events, such as the final of the Polish Culinary Cup - the most significant competitions for professionals in the country and <HMC> Hotel Marketing Conference - the biggest marketing conference for the hotel industry.


More information: www.polagragastro.pl



Katarzyna Brodnicka

E-mail: katarzyna.brodnicka@mtp.pl

Phone: + 48 61 869 21 54 mobile: 691 031 516


4 PRINT WEEK - 01.10-04.10.2018

4 PRINT WEEK is a new chapter in the tradition of printing meetings of Poznań International Fair. In response to the expectations of the industry, the event will be held jointly with TAROPAK International Fair for Packaging and Labelling Technology. 4 PRINT WEEK focuses on modern technologies, 3D print, solutions dedicated to various sectors of industry and offset techniques. At the same time, the second edition of the ART OF COLOR - NEW DIMENSION OF PRINT Congress will be held. The subject of the fair and the accompanying congress will be attractive mainly for printing market participants, owners and technical directors of printing works, designers, designers of packaging and labelling as well as for advertising agencies and publishing houses. 4 PRINT WEEK is not only an excellent forum for discussions on the technological development of the printing market in Poland but also the place for integration of the whole sector.


More information: www.4printweek.pl



Radosław Deja

E-mail: radoslaw.deja@mtp.pl

Phone: + 48 61 869 25 47 mobile: 691 031 280


POLIMER TECH - 01.10-04.10.2018

Technology for Polymer Processing Fair - POLIMER TECH response to the growing demand of the industry in the scope of the latest technologies associated with the production and processing of polymers.


The fair exhibition comprises innovative solutions in the technological, product and organisational area. The idea of POLIMER TECH fair is to enhance the feeling of responsibility of both the industry and the society for climate protection. It should be achieved through effective use of energy and raw materials, with simultaneous attempt aimed at eliminating depositing of plastics as the main method of waste management.


More information: www.polimertech.pl



Radosław Deja

E-mail: radoslaw.deja@mtp.pl

Phone: + 48 61 869 25 47 mobile: 691 031 280


Tastes of the Regions - 29.09-01.10.2018

The TASTES OF THE REGIONS fair commencing on Saturday is mainly the event for aware consumers who search for natural, certified, regional foodstuffs.


It is also a family event during which we educate small and big consumers on the virtues of traditional bread, nutrition values of fruit and vegetables and we encourage to joint preparation of healthy meals. Chefs - masters preparing traditional and regional dishes will be also present at the TASTES OF THE REGIONS fair. We can expect three delicious days!


More information: www.smaki-regionow.pl



Tomasz Waszak

E-mail: tomasz.waszak@mtp.pl

Phone: + 48 61 869 22 15 mobile: 539 190 074


See you in Poznań!

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Polska - Poznań
2018-09-30 - 2018-10-04
Dodał: Anna Woińska